Team:Calgary/8 July 2010


Thursday July 8, 2010

Jeremy's I0500 plasmid switch for colonies C1 and C2 into pSB1AK3
Jeremy's I0500 plasmid switch for colonies D C1 and D C2 into pSB1AK3
Plates containing colonies of Succesful TetRPromoter-GFP construct


Today I worked on a construction of R0040+I13507 This construct is used as a test for the I13507 portion which should include RBS (B0034), GFP (E0040) and Terminator (B0015) which will be included in our protein misfolding circuit

Results: Plates from the plasmid switch grew!


Today I checked the Plates that grew overnight with my TetRPromoter-GFP construct. Because both the insert and the vector were Ampicilin Resistant, the only successful constructions were those that glew Green under UV light. Plates 3,5 and 6 shows only Green colonies under the UV, but interestingly, Plates 1 and 4 show both Green AND Red colonies. This could mean two things: 1, that there is some kind of contamination in those plates and 2. There were unsuccessful plasmid switch of the GFP construct into an Ampicilin Resistant Plasmid. Either way, Jeremey and Dev are going to re-do the construction to verify the Results. As of now, the successful construction plates will be stored in the freezer.


Today, I spent time fixing up a couple pages on the wiki Notebook as well as working on the powerpoint presentation that we are supposed to do for Dr. Schryvers, Dr. Logan, and Deirdre tomorrow. A schedule was received from our Suffield contact Les Nagata and we began planning our visit. Finally, I continued with the emails to Joe Astroth, Sigma Aldrich, and Dr. Elizabeth Cannon.


Today, I worked on the construction of R0040+I13504 in order to test the composite part I13504. This part will be used at the end of the translation/transcription circuit.


We are still waiting on the new reverse primer for the cpxp promoter. The RFP reporter device was constructed with a tetR promoter to test if it is working. Today I worked on updating the list of media outlets we will be contacting once the media relation’s contacts return from vacation.


Today we spent time talking about what we're going to present tomorrow in the meeting with our supervisors. We talked about the project as a whole, the general aims as well as the status of some of the sub projects. We designed powerpoint slides and planned out what each individual is going to say in the presentation tomorrow. Today I also spent some time editing the letter that we're writing to the president of the University.