Team:Calgary/7 June 2010


Monday June 7, 2010

Today, we spent much of the day doing research and doing transformations of parts from the Parts Registry. Jeremy found the indicator for his sequence that would be fused to the gene of interest (alkaline-phosphatase) and found the gene of interest that we could use to test our systems. He also ordered more required parts from the Registry and set out a plan for the next two weeks. Finally, he put the finishing touches on our business proposal which we will send to companies. Himika transformed B0034 into Top10 competent cells and spent the rest of the day doing research and finding Registry parts that could be done. Chris did transformation of four of the plasmid backbones to do plasmid switches for antibiotic resistances to be different in constructions as well as organising a schedule for the rest of the week. Raida spent the day at school. She will be joining us after exams end for her. Alex and Patrick spent the day looking into the CpxP promoters and DegP promoters, as well as transforming the parts of E0430 and R0040. Patrick continued to debug and test the submenus that we plan on using for the wiki. Dev helped with transformations and looked up lacZ and lacY as promoters and elements of our circuit that we could use. Emily did a colony PCR with BBK-CP forward and reverse primers of BBa_I13453 and of BBa_I0500, the arabinose-inducible promoter without araC and with araC. We had a hard time transforming these and the registry had inconsistent sequencing results for BBa_I0500, so we are going to do some verification of them before we start constructing with them. Tomorrow I’m going to run the PCR products on a gel and see if we get expected sizes. If this looks good, I’ll proceed a restriction digest to verify again, and then proceed to construct both with B0034.