Team:Calgary/4 June 2010


Friday June 4, 2010

Today, we observed the plates that we transformed overnight into Top10 competent cells. Again, we had trouble growing the I0500 (14N, Plate 1) from the original well. However, with the new well (20B, Plate 3), there were two colonies of growth. Then, we did presentations on different systems containing possible promoters that could be used to initiate transcription including the Cpx system (Alex), the Spy system (Dev), the ipbAB system (Emily), sigma E system (Chris), DegP system (Jeremy), GroE system (Himika), and the team wiki (Patrick). After, we designed a possible plasmid for testing translation and transcription with our team advisors (Dave and Paul) as well as the lab technician (Deirdre). We divided up the areas and assigned each person a different area to conduct work for the summer temporarily.