Team:Calgary/2 August 2010


Monday August 2, 2010

Heritage Day: A Day off!! ...For most of us.


Set up a restriction digest of pRFP without PCR purification and left overnight. This was cut with EcoRI and SpeI. Since the sample had salts from PCR, concentration was not measured therefore a estimation of around 5.5uL to make the total concentration of the sample 10 uL. A PCR purification was made using older sample however even combining all the wells making the DNA volume in the tube 100uL, the concentrations were in their negatives. PCR purification will not be pursued further. Attempts will be made to plasmid switch PCR product without purification.


Obtained no colonies from yesterday's plasmid switch. Decided to re-ligate the digested insert and vector from yesterday, transform and plate.


Didn't come in for too long today, but I looked into NURBs modelling and IPR Rendering for Maya.


Today I miniprepped my overnight cultures from yesterday of hypotyhetical biobricked malE and malE31 in TOPO Vector. I also finished my construction of I0500-I13504 nad I0500-I13507 and plated these on AK plates and left them ofr overnight growth.