Team:Calgary/29 August 2010


Sunday August 29, 2010

Weekends rock!!

Chris's first gel of the colony PCR. Lanes 1-3 are CpxP2 in AC Vector, Lanes 4-7 are CpxP2 in AK vector, Lanes 8-12 are CpxP1 in AC vector, Lanes 13017 are CpxP3 in AC vector and Lane 18 is CpxP3 in AK vector.
Chris's second gel of the colony PCR. Lanes 1-4 are CpxP3 in AK vector, Lanes 5-9 are ibpAB1 in AC vector, Lanes 10-17 are ibpAB1 in AK vector, and Lane 18 is ibpAB2 in AC vector.
Chris's third gel of the colony PCR. Lanes 1-7 are ibpAB2 in AC vector, Lanes 8-12 are ibpAB2 in AK vector and Lanes 13 and 14 are the negative control with no DNA added to the PCR.


Today, I ran 1.0% gels of the enormous colony PCR that was done yesterday. The gels themselves can be seen to the right with labels. As well, I made overnight cultures of I0500-I13507 construction which will be plasmid prepped tomorrow. Finally, I helped Emily digest and phosphatase MalE so it could be inserted into the AK Biobrick vector.


Today I made gels for Chris for his giant colony PCR. I also set up a digest of the PCR Purified malE and malE31 as well as the psB1AK3 vector with a combination of different restriction enzymes. Chris phosphotased the vectors and I will ligate and then transform and plate them tomorrow.