Team:Calgary/28 August 2010


Saturday August 28, 2010

Don't we all love weekends?

Emily's gel of MalE restriction digest with LuxO for comparison as a control
Emily's gel of MalE with signal sequence deletion restriction digest and MalE31 with signal sequence deletion using LuxO as a control


Today I ran a gel of the digests that I did yesterday. Unfortunately it looks like I was not actually able to get malE into the psB1AK3 Vector, as there is only one band for the digested malE and it matches up with the band for the AK vector, in the lane with digested J13002-LuxOD47A-B0015. I will go back to the PCR product of this tomorrow. I also ran a gel of my PCR of malESSDel and malE31SSDel. Unfortunately there were no bands, so this will need to be optimized and re-run on Monday. Tonight, I also ran a gel of the malE and malE31 PCR Products. This looked better, with the expected bands at ~1.2 KB. I will proceed by digesting these with a varity of combinations of BBK restriction enzyme sin order to try to get this part into a Biobrick Construction Vector.


Today, I set up a 50 reaction colony PCR of the constructs of CpxP into pSB1AC3, CpxP into pSB1AK3, ibpAB into pSB1AK3 and ibpAB into pSB1AC3 to determine whether or not the part had been correctly inserted yesterday. I also started overnight cultures of the part I0500-I13507 which had been constructed previously. I continued writing the paper which is for our wiki about the stress-response circuits that we have chosen.