Team:Calgary/25 June 2010


Friday June 25, 2010

Dev's gel of second restriction digest of E0040+B0015


Today we spent a considerable portion of the day miniprepping our overnight cultures of all of our parts from yesterday. We eluted in new water and we're hoping that this will solve some of our problems that we've been having with the parts that we've transformed from the regitsry.

Team Meeting

This afternoon, we also had a team meeting. We talked a bit about what each team member has been working on this week. We also discussed some possoble solutions for some of the problems that we have been having with not seeing bands on gels as well as having problems digesting mnay of the parts from the registry.

This weekend we shall be heading off to Lethbridge as a team for a regional workshop with Alberta Innovates Technology Futures and the University of Alberta and University of Lethbridge teams.


Today, I miniprepped the samples of cpxP in pSB1A3 for screening purposes. After this, I digested the pieces with XbaI and SpeI enzymes. They have been frozen to run in a gel next week.


Today, I did a second reconstruction of the E0040+B0015 construct. Bands were found in the wrong base pair range.


Today we mini-prepped plasmid from the cpxp overnight colonies, also we did a digest of the plasmids to screen if the plasmid was inserted directionally, or if the Xba and Spe scarred onto each other. We didn’t have time to start of a gel of the digested plasmids.