Team:Calgary/24 June 2010


Thursday June 24, 2010

Dev's gel of restriction digest of E0040+B0015


Today primers came in for the maltose binding protein. After diluting them, we set up a PCR with a variety of different colonies in order to try to PCR this gene about of the genome of E Coli.


The previous day's R0040-E0430 and R0040-E0420 constructs grew colonies, but there was no fluorescence visible. I will leave this for another day just to see. As well, I selected five colonies from each plate of cpxP in pSB1A3. They have been put into an overnight culture for miniprepping tomorrow.


Today, I restriction digested the construction of E0040+B0015 that was constructed on Monday. This would help identify the identity of the construct. I expected to see bands in the 3000 and 800 range however, bands were found in the 4000-3000 range which could be uncut plasmids


The previous construction with the E0430 CFP device showed no fluorescence. Also grew overnight colonies of the cpxp construction using the colonies not expressing RFP. We did 10 colonies, labeling them C1-C10.