Team:Calgary/23 June 2010


Wednesday June 23, 2010

Emily's PCR Gel
Dev's Colony PCR Gel


Today, I did a restriction digest in order to construct the cpxP PCR product into pSB1A3 plasmid. This was done with XbaI and SpeI as those were the only sites on the PCR product. This will result in unintentional scars, but we will hopefully deal with this later on. Along with this, I also constructed an R0040 promoter in front of both E0430 and E0420 (switched onto pSB1K2).


10 colonies of growth were found from the transformation of the E0040 + B0015 construct from yesterday. A colony PCR was conducted with all 10 colonies. The PCR products were mixed with loading dye and water and ran on a 1% agarose gel.


Today I did a construction of R0040 Tetr promoter with E0430, a CFP reporter device. Also, today we attempted to insert cpxp promoter into a pSB1A3 plasmid using the Xba and Spe restriction sites.