Team:Calgary/22 August 2010


Sunday August 22, 2010

Weekends Rule!!

Colony PCR agarose gel electrophoresis run on 1.0% at 90V for 45 minutes. Lanes 1 and 2 are K239000-I13507, Lanes 3-6 are K239000-I13504, Lanes 7-16 are I0500-I13507, and Lanes 17 and 18 are Controls with no DNA


Today, I put digests of CpxP to insert into the AK plasmid. Emily and I also spent time defrosting the freezer. I did plasmid preparations of NLPE, Controls and MalE with Alex. Finally, I did ligations of CpxP into pSB1AK3, MalE31 into pSB2K3, and ibpAB into pSB1AK3. The plates will be seen tomorrow.


Today I ran gels of the two remaining colony PCR's from yesterday: one of the putitive I0500-B0034-malE31-cpxR-I13507 circuit as well as the IO500-B0034-malE31 circuit in cpxR competant cells.