Team:Calgary/21 August 2010


Saturday August 21, 2010

Yay for weekends!

Chris's gel of CpxP, ibpAB, I13507, and I13504 Restriction Digests. There are very messy bands and these digests will not be used for construction.


Today, I ran restriction digests of I13504, I13507, ibpAB, pSB1AK3, CpxP and pSB1AC3. They were once again run on a gel, which can be seen on the right (CpxP in Lanes 1-3, ibpAB in Lanes 4 and 5, I13504 and I13507 in lanes 6 and 7, and the vectors in lanes 8 and 9. As well, I set up a colony PCR with MalE31,MalE, K239000-I13504, K239000-13507, and I0500-I13507. The results of that colony PCR will be run on a gel tomorrow.