Team:Calgary/1 September 2010


Wednesday September 1, 2010


Today I finished the protocols section for the wiki. I also made a figure for the poster. In the wetlab I ran the PCR on a gel and performed a gel purification. The purification failed so I have to do it again tomorrow. I also did overnights for MalE, MalE31, and nlpE.


Today I ran a colony PCR of the construction that I did last night. Unfortunately, the insert was not present in the amplified part. Therefore, I reconstructed the part which was MalE31 circuit with DegP+I13504 and I13507. I also worked more on the poster and presentation for aGEM.


Today, I took the plasmid preparations of CpxP done by Emily and did restriction digests of them as well as set up a colony PCR of them to be run on a gel. I also received confirmation from Autodesk and Nexen that they would be sponsoring us. With this, I contacted the people that could get the information to put this in motion.