Team:Calgary/1 June 2010


Tuesday June 1, 2010

Today, we met with our advisors and had a discussion about possible circuits that could be used for our reporter plasmids. We also discussed the idea of the lux system as an indicator as suggested by Dr. Anthony Schryvers. We also decided that we should use different promoters like arabinose inducible ones as well as the Cpx, GroES, and DegP systems. We began research for the different promoters and their respective systems in order to present them at a meeting on Friday. Patrick continued to manipulate the wiki, coming up with colour schemes: We settled on Blue (4AC6F7), Yellow (F3F778), Green (9ECF3E), White (FFFFFF), and Brown (30251A). We also did transformation of plasmids from the registry plates for J23009, J23032, E0032, E0022, E0040, K156010, and I0500 which were parts that we want to use in our reporter plasmids.