Team:Calgary/1 August 2010


Sunday August 1, 2010

Who wants to work on weekends? We do!!


Heck yes we do! This evening I made overnight cultures of my hypotically biobricked malE and malE31 in TOPO BLUNT Vector. I also set up an overnight digest of a construction of I0500-I13504 and I0500-I13507. I want to construct these circuits as a control for our Arabinose Induction tests.


Today, I went through PCR purifications of 100 µL of each of the CpxP Promoter PCR Products using a Qiagen kit with the same modified procedure as yesterday. This second purification was done to gain more purified product. Most of the first purification was used up in doing a restriction digest and attempting to construct the CpxP promoter into Ampicillin-kanamycin and ampicillin-chloramphenicol plasmids. I also did this construction today, cutting with the restriction enzymes XbaI and PstI.


Today I performed a plasmid switch of the CpxR promoter from an ampicillin resistant plasmid to an ampicillin-kanamycin resistant plasmid. Transformed the AK CpxR into competent cells and plated.