Team:Calgary/19 September 2010


Sunday September 19, 2010

Weekends? Who needs those?

The restriction digests of the CpxP and ibpAB-fsxA promoters with XbaI and PstI to verify and run on a gel


Today, I did plasmid preparations of the CpxP and ibpAB-fsxA fusion promoter overnight cultures that were set up yesterday. The concentrations are available on the tubes. Some of the promoters were set up in AK and AC in order to facilitate future construction. Then, I set up restriction digests using XbaI and PstI to be run on a gel as the final step in verification. I also set up a DNA PCR of the CpxP and ibpAB which will be run on a gel tomorrow.


The construction of the CpxR promoter with I13504 and the CpxR promoter with I13507 failed and therefore was attempted again. This time 25µL of both insert and vector were ligated together instead of 5µL. The transformation procedure remained the same.