Team:Calgary/16 July 2010


Friday July 16, 2010


Today, I made competent cells that are capable of surviving the ccdB gene (dbc-1). As well, I finished the moving of CpxP into Amp-Chlor and Amp-Kan plasmid backbones. We found on Monday that the plasmids never made it into plates and were left shaking at 200 rpm at 37 °C over the weekend. As well, I got into contact with Suncor Energy in hopes of finding some corporate sponsorship for our team.


Today I prepared a 20% w/v arabinose solution in order to induce our overnight cultures of a hypothetical I0500-B0034-E0040 with arabinose. I also worked on making glycerol stocks of the four plasmids that we have received from the Raivio lab in Edmonton in order to test our system with.


I polished up the blog and Twitter pages for this year's team. Hopefully this will help increase community outreach and awareness of synthetic biology.