Team:Calgary/15 September 2010


Wednesday September 15, 2010


Today I did the plate readings of the induction that I did last night. The data will be up soon. Although, it is very strange. The CpxR system might not be working or as literature says MalE31 might be toxic to the cells at 37 C. I will try this induction again this week at 30 C rather than 37 C. The plates with I0500-B0034-MalE grew and I will make overnight cultures of those tomorrow.


Today, I helped Emily make a massive PCR with varying concentrations of random stuff in order to bring MalEΔSS and MalE31ΔSS out of the plasmids sent to us by Jean-Michel Betton's lab. The different PCRs included gradients of annealing tempeature, [MgCl2, varying primer concentrations, varying quantities of DNA, and using Pfx Polymerase with MgSO4 as the salt. This resulted in 120 wells of PCR product that could then be inserted into Biobrick vectors.