Team:Calgary/11 September 2010


Saturday September 11, 2010

Alberta Genetically Engineered Machine Conference Day 1


Today, after working until early in the morning on our presentation, Emily and Himika presented what we finished to the judges and the Universities of Lethbridge and Alberta. The judges present that day were Vincent Martin (Concordia), Justin Pahara (University of Camebridge), Wayne Materi (Carbonium), Andrew Hessel (Singularity University), and Jurgen (Netherlands). Dr. Mike Ellison, Dr. H.J. Wieden, and the rest of the students present asked questions and gave feedback on the project. Later on in the day, we had time to meet with Wayne Materi and Justin Pahara who gave their impressions on the different aspects of our project and presentation which could be changed. Tomorrow, we have time scheduled to meet with various judges and other relevant people who could help us improve our project.