Team:Calgary/10 June 2010


Thursday June 10, 2010

Jeremy, Chris, Dev

Today, we spent much of the day researching new parts that we could use. Our TA mentioned the possible part of K145015 (GFP with an LVA tag) that we could use as a reporter, but the sequencing results from the Registry were inconsistent. We made overnight cultures of the parts E0032 and E0040 in pSB1K3 so they could be Miniprepped tomorrow. As well, we began the procedures for making competent cells by making overnight cultures with Top10 cells. Jeremy tried the transformation of I73005 (B-galactosidase gene) for the third time. We are unsure whether it will grow or not because the sequencing was listed as inconsistent on the Registry.

Alex, Patrick, Raida

The previous day's R0040-E0430 construction was plated onto Amp agar today. It was probably not a good idea to plate it early in the day, since it may develop satellite colonies, but we will see tomorrow.


Today, I imaged the gel from the PCR of yesterday. No lines were visible on the gel except for those of the ladder, meaning the DNA was not present. I also did overnight cultures for the construct of B0034-E1010 as well as that for E1010.