ArtScienceBangalore consists of ten undergraduate art and design students in their 2nd year of foundation study program at the Srishti School of Art, Design and Technology. We have been assisted, guided and mentored by Yashas Shetty, an artist-in-residence at the Centre for Experimental Media Arts (CEMA) along with Sunaina Surana, A second year graduate student at NCBS ,Dr. Mukund Thattai, Assistant Professor also from NCBS. James King and Daisy Ginsberg were Mentors as well. Oron Catts(Symbiotica) was also instrumental in shaping the group's project.


  • Aaron Joseph
  • Anusha Shankar
  • Akshitta Kohli
  • Diya Dutt Sharma
  • Farhad Mehta
  • Karthik Illango
  • Mohor Mukherjee
  • Samrajni Patil
  • Sayed Nooshin
  • Shreya Kumar


  • Yashas Shetty
  • Mukund Thattai
  • Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg
  • James King
  • Sunaina Surana
  • Avni Sethi


  • National Center For Biological Sciences
  • Srishti School of Art, Design and Technology
  • Center For Experimental Media Arts
  • Geetha Narayanan, Srishti
  • Syeda Mujahabeenn
  • Navneet Rai, NCBS/IITmumbai
  • Ajai Narendran, Srishti
  • Samuel Rajkumar, Srishti-CEMA
  • Oron Catts, Symbiotica, UWA
  • Ionat Zurr, Symbiotica,UWA
  • ArtScienceBangalore 2009
  • Pirojshah Godrej Foundation
  • Tata Steel

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