"Jugaad DIY BioLab"


Jugaad vs. Hack

"Jugaad(a hindi term) is a survival tactic, whereas a hack is an intellectual art form; i.e. Jugaad is the wile of the poor, and hack the pastime of the affluent cerebral. Jugaad is a hack to get around or deal with a lack of or limited resources, and has a class component to it - jugaad are things poor but clever people do to make the most of the resources they have. They do what they need to do, without regard to what is supposed to be possible." -wikipedia

During the summer, we decided to question the idea that synthetic biology or biology for that matter could be done only with high-end scientific equipment. We began to construct lab instruments out of cheap, readily available material. We have realized that the barriers for doing science need not be so high.

We've so far built a sterile hood, a centrifuge, a gel-electrophoris box, a water bath, an incubator, microscopes and also a touch-table lab assistant. All instructions to build these instruments are open source and can be downloaded in detail from here

The 100$ sterile hood

Made with Acrylic and filters from Car purifiers. Complete instructions on how to build one are here.

DSC03944.jpg MG 6628.JPG

The 10$ incubator

Made with a styrofoam box, discarded computer fans and a mosquito coil. Keeps temperature at exactly 37C . Complete instructions on how to build one are here.

DSC03096.jpg DSC03134.JPG

The 20$ microscope

Made with a cheap webcamera. Complete instructions on how to build one are here. The C.Elegans image is taken with the webcam

MG 5306.JPG Worm6.jpg

The 20$ centrifuge.

Made with a commercial egg beater with a 17500 rpm motor.Complete instructions on how to build one are here.

DSC03062.JPG Centrifuge-.jpg

10$ Water Bath

Made with a good old bucket and a aquarium heater.Keeps things at 42C. Complete instructions on how to build one here.

DSC04040.jpg DSC04032.jpg

The Lab Assistant

The Lab Assistant is a DIY touch screen lab helper, that helps you with lab protocols. Complete instruction on how to build one are here.

DSC04188.jpg DSC04245.JPG