Team Alberta's GENOMIKON project makes synthetic biology easier, faster, and more accessible than ever. As you have seen, the BioBytes 2.0 assembly method, the GENOMIKON kit and work together to allow students to have the most enriched learning experience. This project shares synthetic biology with the public while pushing the development of synthetic biology in new and exciting directions.

Still have questions? Please see the following links for more detailed information:

BioBytes 2.0 details the GENOMIKON assembly method.

Safety: read about the safety of our project and the GENOMIKON kit.

Protocols: read about all of our laboratory procedures.

Modeling: learn about the model that demonstrates the efficiency of the BioBytes 2.0 assembly method.

Achievements: read more about our numerous accomplishments.

Human practices: details our research into integration of the GENOMIKON kit into the high school curriculum

Team: meet Team Alberta.

Software: outlines the software tools found at

Notebook: details the laboratory work that has allowed for the creation of the BioBytes 2.0 assembly method.

Parts: details the BioBrick parts submitted into the Registry.