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Tec de Monterrey

The Tec-Monterrey iGEM team is made up of ten 7th semester Biotechnology Engineering students from the Tecnológico de Monterrey in Monterrey, Mexico. Most members come from different parts of the country, and everyone's unique personality helped shape an extraordinarily hardworking and fun team.

iGEM Team

José Argüelles José Alberto Argüelles Piña “The Boxer”

This quiet student from Chihuahua, Chihuahua was in charge of coordinating the final construct of the project. He specializes in the area of bioprocesses and is extremely meticulous in everything he does.
Likes: thoroughly thinking over every decision, mumbling to himself, boxing
Dislikes: being ignored, public speaking

Pamela Campos Pamela Campos Flores “The Mommy”

This little package of wonder from Monterrey, Nuevo Leon specializes in bioprocesses. She is currently in an exchange program in North Dakota, but will be able to join in us in Boston for the Jamboree. Her constant motivation kept the whole team smiling throughout the summer and the lab impeccable.
Likes: taking care of everybody, giving advice, fretting
Dislikes: crossing the street

Cristóbal Cevallos Julio Cristóbal Cevallos Escobar “The President”

Cristobal was born in Guadalajara, Jalisco. His deep voice and political manners helped shape the public image of the team.
Likes: greeting people, making friends, speaking chinese
Dislikes: milk, mayo, cheese, and basically anything white and edible

Jan Contreras Jan Marte Contreras Ortíz “The Mathematician”

This brilliant student from Guadalajara, Jalisco always has a creative answer for everything. He characterized the sensitivity tuners and did most of the mathematical modeling.
Likes: acting, theater, reading
Dislikes: headaches, cleaning the lab, washing the dishes

Héctor Gálvez José Héctor Gálvez López “The Organizer”

This student, also from Guadalajara, Jalisco, led the team meetings and coordinated the different projects. His impeccable organization kept us going in the same direction to achieve our common goal.
Likes: fonts, books, making checklists
Dislikes: shopping, opening the lab in the morning

Andrés Huerta Andrés Huerta Monsiváis “The True Love”
Our funniest member, Andrés grew up in San Luis Potosí and is our Wiki Artist. He specializes in Molecular Biology and is actively searching for his one true love. His amazing attitude made us laugh even in the most stressful moments.
Likes: designing posters, couch-surfing
Dislikes: teenage paranormal romance, hippies crashing his place

Tatiana Núñez Tatiana Jocelyn Núñez Elizondo “The Broadway Star”

Tatiana was born in Monterrey, Nuevo León and has always shown a keen interest for science. In addition to iGEM, she works in the development of a biodegradable plastic and actively participates in performance acts, such as singing and dancing.
Likes: musicals, drinking coffee, and speaking about refined subjects
Dislikes: walking slowly, Thermodynamics

Diana Ostos Diana Ostos Rangel “The Intense”

This dynamic young woman from Querétaro had her fair share of work dealing with Customs and the import of our synthesis. She is studying a Minor in Research and Innovation and loves practicing extreme sports.
Likes: paragliding, traveling, sleeping in buses
Dislikes: hanging out with gossipy girls, mushrooms, spiders

Javier Reynoso Javier Francisco Reynoso Lobo “The Lone Wolf”

This Biotechnology Engineering student from Monterrey, Nuevo León loves science and practicing sports. He is currently in an exchange program in Brisbane, Australia and won't be able to attend the Jamboree. Throughout the summer, he contacted several biotech companies and obtained the main sponsors of our project.
Likes: selling Giant Microbes, traveling, listening to music
Dislikes: cheese, high Australian prices

Flavio Siller Luis Flavio Siller Rodríguez “The Nice Guy”

Flavio, from Culiacán, Sinaloa, was an early bird working in the lab during the summer. Currently in an exchange program in France, he is among the ones who wouldn't make it to the Jamboree; however he is excited that Tec-Monterrey will do its first appereance in iGEM!
Likes: being nice to everybody, helping out, Montse
Dislikes: his lack of opportunity to go to the Jamboree