Who we are

Who did what

The teams were assembled during our winter quarter. During this term we went around to classes and had weekly meeting to introduce students to synthetic biology through a series of guest lectures. During the spring students participated in brainstorming projects related to the sponsoring Faculty advisors labs (Baker, Mougous, Klavins, Sauro) and came up with the project they wanted to carry out. Over the summer, students completed all of the experimental work, but worked closely with both graduate students and faculty advisors to plan the most pertinent experiments and make the most of our limited time.

The Gram Positive Therapeutic

Chris Eiben, Sean Wu, Peixian Liu, David Zong, Ivan Huang, Cindy Wu, Denny Luan designed, expressed, purified, and characterized CapD, CapD_CP, and the 87 CapD_CP variants.

The Gram Negative Therapeutic

Matthew Harger, Matthew Coyne, and Jesa Landis cloned and characterized the Tse2/Tsi2 locus into BioBrick parts.

Laura Austin and Justin De Leon recombineered and characterized the T7 promoter into the T6SS fosmid.

New Tools

Jeff Johnson developed the WikiDust and PartsRobot software. Jeff also wrote BBF RFC 68. Michal Galdzicki and Professor Herbert M. Sauro read and revised the document.

Tomas Huber BioBricked the f1 origin, lacI repressor, and lacI regulated T7 promoter, taking them from the protein expression vector pET29b+ from Novagen. He also constructed and characterized 4 protein-based expression cassette's made from new AND old BioBricks.

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