Team:Warsaw/Calendar-Stage1/7 September 2010


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07.09.2010 Tuesday

Testing the fluorescence of GFP in different pH in a microfluidic systemm by using flow cytometry[Ania O.,Cherry]

1. Enclosing GFP in different pH buffers into droplets in a water-in-oil-in-water emulsion
2. Preparation of samples and examining them in flow cytometer

Data analysis with Cell Quest[Cherry]


07-09-2010.004- pH 7
07-09-2010.005- pH 8
07-09-2010.006- pH 6,8
07-09-2010.007- pH 4,8
07-09-2010.010- pH 8

cytometer plots:
FSC- Forward Scatter, cell size
SSC- Side Scatter, cell complexity
FL-1- FL-1 sensor, cell fluorescence

Data from Cell Quest analysis: