Team:Warsaw/Calendar-Stage1/17 July 2010


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17.07.2010 Saturday

Preparing stocks of constructs [Ania P., Jarek]

Glycerol stocks of samples: B0033+GFP samples: 10.1 F,10.1F zag; B0030+GFP sample: 7.2G zag; B0034+GFP samples: 11.1P, 11.1P zag; B0031+GFP samples: 8.1E, 8.1E zag; B0032+GFP samples: 9.1zag, 9.1A; YFP1 YFP2 CFP1 CFP2

DNA isolation - checking correctness of our constructs [Ania P., Jarek]

We used fast method of plasmid DNA isolation and then put 15ul of each sample on a gel.