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I'm Jelmer Cnossen, and doing a master in bioinformatics at TU Delft and Leiden University. I used to be interested in mechanical engineering and game programming, but and the talks by people such as Craig Venter and Juan Enriquez got me interested in biology. The new developments in synthetic biology and nanoscience seem to be much more interesting than any other scientific field. As a result, I googled for synthetic biology and ended up in iGEM ;)

So far I've worked on the javascript of the wiki, and learned a lot about labwork involved with iGEM. Labwork was very new to me, so I've tried to learn some basic lab operations. Furthermore, I have developed an application in C# that can suggest some protein interactions with the newly introduced E. coli biobricks (See here) I've also worked on the characterization of ribosome binding sites, and modelling the alkane sensing subproject.