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    Welcome to the homepage of ZJU-CHINA! We’re a team of 20 undergraduates from various disciplines and 2 instructors, and it’s our first time to participate in this year’s iGEM competition. Our project is Bach, a gene composer software that can tune the discordant codon bias into a consonant piece that better suits the host organism and performs translation process more predictably in terms of RiPS.

    Though we’re young, we dare to create and adventure in synthetic biology. We hope to bring you inspiration as well as passion for new understandings and new standards in synthetic biology.


    Sure you can’t wait to see our project Bach, which can be directly downloaded from SOFTWARE, with a clear written manual for instruction. MODELING provides you with the mathematical model we’ve built to quantify translational behavior and serves as the underlying method for computation of RiPS in Bach. If you need more detailed translation process description and information concerning codon bias, please read BACKGROUND to better understand the whole project. SIGNIFCANCE shows the value of our work and will certainly make you inspired by the prospect of it! For improvements on Bach, NEXT GENERATION assures you of our determination and plan to make our composer a truly virtuoso.


    HUMAN PRACTICE records our most profound thoughts and concerns about synthetic biology and our project, in which you can enjoy a fantastic and entertaining journey in our short fiction Redeem. In TEAM COOPERATION, we’re grateful for all the help we’ve received from other iGEM teams and it’s our great pleasure to be able to help them back and contribute a verse to the bigger family of iGEM competition. /p>