The Office of International Relations (OIR)

    The Office of International Relations (OIR) of Zhejiang University oversees the University's international strategic development. The office takes on a wide range of responsibilities with regard to the University's Internationalization policy. It is designated to carry out national foreign policies and educational policies regarding international affairs, serving as facilitator and coordinator to the University's international relations, initiatives and programs, providing service for teaching, scientific research and academic exchange of relevance to international relations.

    The main priorities of the office include:

  • Supporting the University's international strategy as a leading research-oriented institution
  • Developing and managing the University's international relationships with governments, universities, research institutions and business.
  • Managing the University's participation in key international alliances such as APRU, WUN and GUNI-AP
  • Managing key international relationships including international delegations, visitors to the University and development networks

  • OIR's association

  • Worldwide Universities Network (WUN)
  •     Zhejiang University is one of the founding members of the Worldwide Universities Network (WUN), which was found in 2000. Its aim is to foster and encourage interdisciplinary collaboration between members, in research and education on a global scale, through bringing together the experience, equipment and expertise to tackle the global issues currently facing societies, governments, corporations and education. The WUN currently has 16 research-led universities from Europe, North America, South East Asia and Australia.

  • Association of Pacific Rim Universities (APRU)
  •     Formed in 1997, the Association of Pacific Rim Universities (APRU) is a consortium of 37 leading research universities in the Pacific Rim including ZJU. APRU aims to foster education, research and enterprise thereby contributing to the economic, scientific and cultural advancement in the Pacific Rim.

  • The Global University Network for Innovation-Asia and the Pacific (GUNI-AP)
  •     GUNI-AP was initiated by UNESCO Asia and Pacific Regional Bureau for Education, Bangkok, United Nations University, and Chinese National Commission for UNESCO and Zhejiang University in partnership with other 8 leading universities from 7 countries in the region. The secretariat of GUNI-AP is located in Zhejiang University, China. It is a network of networks constituted by UNESCO Chairs, institutions of research into higher education and institutions that carry out innovation projects in higher education. Its mission is to contribute to the reinforcement of higher education in Asia and pacific region, by application of the decisions of the World Conference on Higher Education, notably the implementation of the UNESCO/UNU Forum on higher education, as in the Framework for Priority Action for the change and development in higher education.