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Night of the Nerds @ NEMO Amsterdam - Educating Nerds


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The ninth of October, the biggest Nerd-event in the Netherlands took place in Science Museum NEMO: the Night of the Nerds. Molecular cooking, 3D-printing, flower-cocktails and eating chocolate-dipped insects, everything a real nerd could ever dream of!

Ofcourse, an iGEM team full of nerds may not miss a party like this.

Educating the Nerds

Well equipped with two video cameras, business cards, team clothing and a good mood we went to NEMO not only to have fun with our team but also to educate the nerd-visitors about synthetic biology.

Next to the interviews we did with the Nerds, we also taught them a bit synthetic biology by talking to them and spreading out info-cards we made.

Information Cards

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Information Card - What is Synthetic Biology? Content: Explanation of synthetic biologie & iGEM, What is DNA? What is a gene? What is a protein?