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Night of the Nerds - Video Survey on the Public Opinion about SynBio

Interview with the Nerds

That night also a lot of nerds were walking around. The perfect crowd to ask about there knowlegde of Synthetic Biology. Watch here what their perception is about this topic:


The national Dutch newspaper 'de Volkskrant' also did an interview with Eva & Nadine.

Interview with Dutch celebrity chef Pierre Wind

During the Night of the Nerds (October 9th) we interviewed Pierre Wind - Dutch celebrity Chef. We asked him what kind of a bacterium he could use as a helper in the kitchen. Enthusiastic as he was about the idea of bacteria with emulsifying properties to make new types of vinaigrette, he couldn’t wait to use them!

You can watch the movie here in Dutch, subtitles still to follow:

TUDelft DSC6668.JPG