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Formal Meeting - 3rd June 2010

Roll call and apologies

  • Apologies Anil late, Phil late

Approval of minutes

  • Approved

Action points of last meeting

  • Approved


  • Clone Manager Tutorial- postponed
  • Previous Tutorials – In the Dropbox or on the wiki? Not there yet.

Research Feedback

  • BioBrick 1 (CaCO3/Urease): All
  • Paper from tutorial –not in drop box yet!
  • Action point – people who were there to re-teach tutorial
  • BioBrick 2 (End of crack & signalling system): D.Y.; P.H.; Y.E.; H.S.
  • BioBrick 3 (Non-target-environment kill switch): S.W.; A.L.; R.B.; J.S.
  • BioBrick 4 (Spider silk & filamentous cells): J.S.; R.B.; S.W.; Y.E.; Z.B.
  • Important to know promoter binding, inhibitors, -10 and -35 regions affinity and RNApol
  • BioBrick 5 (Glue & lysis): H.S.; A.L.; P.H.; D.Y.
  • BioBrick 6 Sequential Programming (Richard)
  • A few weeks

Action points

  • Jen send link tutorial
  • Wendy to mailing
  • Colin to mailing list
  • Janetta to check wiki
  • Edit sponsors on wiki add welcome trust and industrial workware
  • Flowcharts - No progress
  • Emails to Colin Harwood and Christopher Voigt
  • Colin emailed, Voigt not sending an email serious research instead.

Logo/ T-shirts

  • green, end of June


  • letter ready to sign - Harsh hassle Anil

Travel plans

  • Early
  • Flights
  • Accommodation


  • Jeff Errington no reply
  • Edit funding letter / review
  • Andrew Young - sage- letter!


  • Needs to be sorted- SBML? Cell ML and Java
  • Richard – chief of modelling/ Each Team decide
  • Software tool –Gibson, see email from Anil: Computational sub project, simple graphical interface.


  • Add Colin. Goksel and Wendy to wiki and mailing, Colin Davie

New students

  • New civil. Eng no funding yet

Time line discussion

  • Jannetta carry forward action point add timeline
  • Phil Update timeline

Other business

  • Gilbert and Sulivan – This Monday and Tuesday 7.30pm £4 student £5 Adult (Social)
  • Jannetta’s project – work flows –e science, use web services: blast ncbi etc export (computer accesses instead of manual) from one to the other rather than copy pasting from many sites. Teverner. Work flow example will find restriction sites in a nucleotide sequence. Output where the restriction sites are. Cut site not always where the start of the sequence,0 is for the start of the recognition site .

Items for next agenda

Next meeting

  • No formal next week
  • Informal meeting: tomorrow 12 p.m. at Walton Library
  • Chair: Phil, Minutes: Steven, Computer: Alan

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