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Minutes for formal meeting 26th March 2010
* Room: CBCB; Start: 11 am
* Chair: Jannetta, Minutes: Rachel, Computer: Harsh
1. Roll call and apologies
Jen, Janetta, Neil, Steven,Younus, Da, Alan, Richard, Harsh
Phil – Holiday
Apologies - Jem and Matt
2. Approval of agenda and minutes
3. Brief summary of previous meeting
4. Research Feedback
1. Properties of concrete and surface tension (Zoltan and Steven)

High compressive strength low tensile strength Steal added good for temp change Caco3 – similar to concrete; expand same as concrete... might crack like concrete Spider silk like steal- reduce possibility of cracking Glue- no many papers- expansion may not be a problem? Silk alkali resistant Capillary properties of concrete change over time- in project we consider small rapid Cement water ratio and surface area and environment Where to look for the cracks? Crack pattern

2. Microinjection (Zoltan and Steven)
Simple issue

Not correct term Swimming Bacillus Oxygen gradient big selling points

3. Genetics Homologous recombination plasmid chromosome (Harsh and Rachel)
Test in plasmids- Find good plasmid

Integrate into genome  Recombination site... Find!!! amyE site amylase with insert can’t break down amylase

4. Nutrients (Harsh and Rachel)
Bacteria algae growth living in concrete

Only activate feed bacillus Two hybrid Bio films exclude other not algae Antifungals, anti algals, Antibiotic

5. Sporulation, germination and secretion control (Alan and Da)
SpoA – last years team sporulation control, maybe turn off completely

Nutrient availability KinA Inducible promoter

Glue out of bug?
6. Quorum sensing (Younus and Phil)

And cff Two component system comp

Why ? Don’t want?- not die after job fill new cracks

Nuclease Phil masEF Skf SbB If linear DNA works

8. Glue, CaCo3 and spider silk (Zoltan and Jannetta)

Bacteria that produce CaCo3 from urea How secrete spider silk long complex proteins – how can we make it happen in bacillus Secretion systems

9. Other points
Linear DNA – Richard

Justifications of Linear Build it up the use. Mutations- How stop general questions Not specifically a problem – keep thinking about it though

5. Action points
All -Read Voygt paper
All-Next week working off the proper wiki!!!
Janetta contact details doc in drop box
Janetta and Richard – Flow chart!!!
Reminder to neil and jen not welcome trust funding by 2nd of April?
Janetta- T-shirt sponsors and logo – embroidered / print mixed – 5 or 6 sponsors design your own- printing cheaper , quotes dependent on design
Janetta- send us links for graphic design software- please
Transfer the wiki
1. Individual iGEM applications
Phil hasn’t applied
Richard not accepted
Janetta text Phil
Jen/Neil-Pay for team!!
2. Visas/Passport update
Harsh- May June apply
Richard visa waiver
3. Wiki transfer
1. Clarify contents of identified pages
2. Id Ethics page
Research page
Safety page
entify other pages required
3. Ideas for layout / theme
Zoltan Tidy it up-Urgent
Borrow last years / Look at anything thats nice
It evolves!!! We can change it!!! Now!!!!!!!
4. Travel plans
1. Flights
Need to sort out who is going
2. Accomodation
Need to sort out who is going
5. Funding
Harsh has made draft letter
Main chemical company – free stuff ?
6. Advisors/additional team members - civil engineer/graphics designer?
Still looking –Neil,Jen
7. Tutorials
Sequentia and Clone manager- basics
Modelling part two
8. What next?
Flow chart of what we’re going to do Big picture!!!
If its coloured life is easier
Cambridge brick-Colour
Web services for Biosynthetics, Flow chart
9. Time line discussion
Need someone else on time line.
16th of June Lab induction
Deadlines soon
Change flight deadline – not 31st
6. Other business
Pdf mark up tools – pdf exchange viewer, foxit, keeps mark up
Making dropbox use better
7. Items for next agenda
Need wiki transferred by next meeting!!!
Review of flow chart if done
8. Next meeting- Thursday early as possible – email organise
        1. Chair-Da 
        2. Minutes-Alan
        3. Computer-Younus