Team:Newcastle/Meetings/14 April 2010/informal


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  • Room: Walton Library; Start: 11 am
  • Chair: Phil, Minutes: Richard, Computer: Alan
  1. Roll call and apologies
    1. Late: Alan
    2. Apologies: Steve
    3. Absent: Rachel, Zoltan
  2. Approval of agenda and minutes
    1. Both last informal and formal meetings approved
  3. Brief summary of previous meeting
    1. Graphic designer or civil engineer needed from Anil and Jen
    2. Testing strength of concrete
    3. Email to Chris Voigt - will draft bullet points in formal meeting after everyone has read the spider silk paper
    4. Give advance notice of absence at meetings
    5. Anil and Jen to look at Bug'seye view flowchart.
  4. Previous action points (7 April)
    1. Bug’s eye view flowchart
      1. Da and Harsh confirmed they understood the .ppt
  5. Update on research
    1. Jannetta explained her research project and she is trying to come up with ways that it could be used in iGEM, e.g. searching for parts (biobricks) to make spidersilk proteins. Alan: FTSc needed for bacteria to become strands, knock this gene out.
    2. Draft email to Colin and Chris
      1. Richard outlined content
    3. Logo/T-shirts
      1. New design by Younis
  6. Funding
  7. Time line discussion
    1. All up to date apart from logo
  8. What next?
    1. Big picture overview
  9. Other business
    1. Deena is a Civil Engineer at Newcastle interested in the project. Ask Jen about interview, funding, progress etc.
  10. Items for next agenda
    1. Harsh to email sponsor letter to iGEM team for approval
    2. Ask Niel and Jen or previous iGEM team members about rules for about sponsor involvement/ interests in the project
    3. Harsh mentionned that Anil said that it is easier to transform E.coli, and will transfer genes from E.coli to Bacillus. Need to confirm with Anil and Jen if this is the procedure we will be using.
    4. Jannetta and Richard need to go through kill switch research so can feed back at formal meeting
    5. Everyone to ensure he has read the Voigt spidersilk paper before formal meeting so that we can list bullet points for an email
    6. Formal meeting - put up backgrounds to logo on display for voting
    7. Younis to email an alternative logo design Jannetta will transfer to Inkscape.
  11. Next informal meeting
    1. All to be arranged at formal meeting
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