Team:Newcastle/11 August 2010


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Gel electrophoresis for the subtilin immunity fragments


The aim of the experiment is to check whether we have the correct fragment sizes on the four subtilin fragments that are we have amplified yesterday.

Materials and protocol

Please refer to the gel electrophoresis protocol.


Newcastle Subtilin Immunity Gel 1b.jpg

Figure 1: Gel electrophoresis of the PCR products of the parts required for the subtilin immunity BioBrick.

  • Lane 1: 1 kb DNA ladder
  • Lane 2: Plasmid Vector (pSB1C3)
  • Lane 3: Promoter and RBS (pVeg-SpoVG)
  • Lane 4: spaIFEG Gene Cluster
  • Lane 5: Double terminator
  • Lane 6: 100 bp DNA ladder


The correct band size were observed for for the Plasmid Vector (lane 2), Promoter & RBS (lane 3) and Double terminator (lane 5). However no band was observed for the spaIFEG(lane 4).


No band was observed for the spaIFEG. This could be due to the wrong melting temperature.

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