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Human Practices
Human practices has been a hugely important influence in the design of our final product. Consulting a variety of experts has ensured that our design is as feasible and useful as possible.
Human Practices Workshop with Susanna Finlay, IC & LSE
Susanna Finlay's research interest include the social impacts of Synthetic Biology.

During the workshop we have discussed various case studies where synthetic biology has raised social, lgeal and ethical concerns. We also discussed the relationship between the scientific community and the wider public and how it can be improved throught public engagement.

We considered the following questions:

- Where the scientists/engineer's responsibilities end?

- Should scientists think about their impact when doing research?

- Who should be responsible for the direction that synthetic biology takes?

- Do synthetic organisms have less intrinsic value than natural organisms?

- What are the consequences of seeing life as nothing more than parts to be assembled?

- Is nature too complex to be treated as parts?