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Our team consists of students from various disciplines such as molecular biology, mathematics, engineering and philosophy. Whilst the biologists will focus on building the machine in the wetlab, the mathematicians and engineers will model its predicted behaviour and effect in vivo whilst the philosopher will focus on the ethics of creating such a machine for medical application.

Who we are

The Team:

The Supervisors:

  • Dr Robert Kowalenko: School of Social Sciences
  • Dr Marco Weinberg: School of Pathology
  • Prof David Sherwell: School of Computational and Applied Mathematics
  • Prof David Rubin: School of Engineering and Information Engineering
  • Mr Ezekiel Madigoe: School of Chemical and Metallurgical Engineering
  • Dr Karl Rumbold: School of Molecular and Cell Biology
  • Dr Musa Mhlanga: CSIR, Biosciences
  • Dr Raymond Sparrow: CSIR, Biosciences

The Graduate Advisors:

  • Ms Robyn Brackin: CSIR, Biosciences
  • Ms Laura Millroy: CSIR, Biosciences
  • Mr Youtaro Shibayama: School of Molecular and Cell Biology
  • Mr Dario Fanucchi: School of Computational and Applied Mathematics

Where we're from

The iGEM team is made up of students and lecturers from various faculties from the University of the Witwatersrand. Situated in Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa, Wits (as it is affectionately called) boasts a wide array of activities and achievements. Check out the promotional video to get a feel for the Wits way of life.

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Wits Home Page

A small portion of the team comes from the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) situated in the city of Pretoria, a mere 50km north of Johannesburg. The CSIR Biosciences division is participating in this competition. The CSIR overview can be seen in the link below as well as the overview for the biosciences division itself.

CSIR Biosciences Link

CSIR information page