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Creating Technologies

In order to test and probe our terraforming proposal, we needed to create some technologies specially designed to that end. Each one of the technological developments has a specific purpose in the project and justifies being a subpart of the project too.

There are three main subparts of the project regarding the technological area:

The Mars Simulation Chamber is a device that will allow us to test the behavior of the cultures in conditions similar to the martian ones (mainly atmospheric pressure and composition).

In the other hand, the Red-House , which is a fusion of a Green House with the Red planet, will be used to grow cultures in a more convenient enviroment than the bare surface of Mars, in a first stage of the terraforming process. Thistechnological device is a self-powered isolated construction that allows the cultures to grow in its interior, even providing agitation, to improve its benefits.

Our Microbial Albedo Recorder system will provide us a device to study the capability of cultures to absorb energy coming from sunlight depending on their coloring, we are going to measure the temperature that the cultures reach compared with others control know-color cultures. This will be performed by a complex system, measuring temperature and ilimunance in several placer in and arround the cultures.