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Official Meetings  

May 12

Introduction to team members and to iGEM. Reviewed last year’s competition and last year’s team contribution. Introduction also to the 2009 iGEM home page and our team wiki.

June 23

After researching previous projects and brainstorming since our last meeting, we discussed the possibility of continuing the project that University of Hawaii initiated last year. We spoke with an advisor from their team and agreed that we could continue the project. Our team agreed that it would be a good project foundation.

June 30

Small workshop on programming a wiki. Further collaboration with team Hawaii has taken place and we are waiting for DNA constructs with which they worked.

August 20

Discussed progress made with broad-host vector construction. The broad-host vector constructs that we have been working with from Team Hawaii and from the iGEM parts catalog do not appear to be functioning. After PCR, attempted ligations, enzymatic digestions and electrophoretic gel observations, we’ve decided to move on and try to modify another known broad-host vector to be compatible with the BioBrick format.

September 3

Team discussion of PHAs, phasin, silver-fusion, and secretory pathways. Further discussion of attempted broad-host vector modifications.

September 10

Reviewed judging criteria and reviewed our standing with the broad-host vector and the secretion pathways. Discussed which tracks would be most applicable to our project. Discussed titles for our project. Finalization of team roster and travel information.

September 17

Made final decisions for our intended track, chose a final project title, and gave a final review of our abstract. Discussed our wiki progress.

September 24

Took team picture. Presentation of different team logo options and team shirt design options. Flash animation presentation to be used potentially in wiki and presentation. <p class="header">September 29

Team meeting with internet programming advisor. Discussed final formatting options for wiki.

October 1

Instruction given on tri-parental mating. Discussed selective plates and media for tri-parental mating.

October 6

Instruction given on Western Blot procedure and function. Discussed modified GFP construct. Final team logo was presented.

October 8

Met shortly and separated to work on different assignments for wiki.

October 13

Final T-shirt design presented to team. Reviewed completed parts and discussed broad-host vector. Presentation of completed secretion pathway models.

October 15

Discussed portions of the wiki that needed to be completed before the weekend. Reviewed project components and iGEM basics in preparation for the jamboree.

October 20

Final meeting before wiki closure. Discussed last minute assignments to ensure that the wiki is completed.

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You should make use of the calendar feature on the wiki and start a lab notebook. This may be looked at by the judges to see how your work progressed throughout the summer. It is a very useful organizational tool as well.