UT Dallas

The University of Texas at Dallas, a public research university located in Richardson, Texas, began as a research arm of Texas Instruments in 1961. UT Dallas is a dynamic research institution that is involved in the cutting edge, frontier of science, technology, business and the arts. UT Dallas has helped pioneer different technologies and as a host to seven schools, offers an array of degree programs and a diverse student body.Because of its location in the dynamic and opportunity-filled city of Dallas, the University offers a variety of opportunities in varying areas of knowledge. UT Dallas has transitioned from a graduate research facility to a university with an emphasis on engineering, science, mathematics, and business and has been supported by the excellence of the UT Dallas faculty.

Administration Building.jpg
Administration Building
Md UT-Dallas-Engineering-Computer-Science-Complex.jpg
Engineering and Computer Science Complex

Images and information courtesy of The University of Texas at Dallas website.


UTD also houses the Natural Science and Engineering Research Laboratory (NSERL) a new, fantastic building that our iGEM team works in. The design of the large open lab spaces and modern feel provides a collaborative environment for scientists and engineers.


Images and information courtesy of The University of Texas at Dallas website along with the NSERL page.