Team:UNAM-Genomics Mexico/Team


The Whole Team

We are a bunch of college students with nothing to do but play with expensive waters.

The link on the names will take you to our Work pages (usually Open Wet Ware based). Most of our work on this iGEM is documented there.


Dr. Miguel Ángel Ramírez Romero: Grows impossible things in wetlab
Dr. Juan Carlos Martínez García: Writes wonder models
Dr. Christopher Wood: Knows how to play with light
Dr. Karla Cedano Villavicencio: Advisor on Socials, Human Practices, Budget & Related

Last Year Students

Student Name
About Student
Enrique Paz Cortes Our iGEM Veteran Wetlab
Luis Fernando Montaño Gutierrez Our People person Modelling


Student Name
About Student
Nelson Augusto Berrocal Quezada Perpetual bad mood, except when drunk Wetlab Little Koala
Jorge Eduardo Buendía Buendía Is cold in the wrong moments... Wetlab Geiger
Mariana del Rosario Ruiz-Velasco Leyva Party organizer & Wetlab Core Wetlab Mailovie
Jorge Arturo Zepeda Martinez Always manages to lighten up wetlab mood. Wetlab Chiqui (or Terrorist Monkey)
Daniela Azucena García Soriano The Dark side of iGEM Modelling Ms. Apocalyptica
Claudia Ivonne Hernandez Armenta Football fan & Modelling Core Modelling
José Fabricio López Hernandez Always manages to lighten up modelling mood Modelling Fibo (or Barnicio)
Héctor Francisco Medina Abarca Megalomaniac & Modelling Core Modelling Mamma Raven
Amhed Missael Vargas Velazquez Argues when there's nothing to argue Modelling Winnie

The Summer Team

This is Us, the whole Summer Team!

What we did

Main Project

Section Team Members contributions
Biobricks design and construction Photosensors: Claudia, Jorge Buendía, Jorge Zepeda and Enrique Paz. Light emitters: Mariana, Augusto, Claudia, Enrique Paz and Héctor.
Modeling analysis MatLab :Daniela García and Amhed Vargas. Kappa: Héctor Medina and Fabricio López.
Wiki website Design: Héctor Medina. Information uploaded: The whole team.
Human Practice: The synthetic conquest of Mexico. Speakers: Mariana, Claudia, Fabricio, Jorge Buendía, Jorge Zepeda and Augusto. Survey and Presentation design: Fernando Montaño. Results analysis: Fernando Montaño and Fabricio.
Poster Design: Héctor Medina Information content: Fernando Montaño, Claudia and Héctor.
Safety & Ethics Héctor Medina.
Flash Animation: Project description Hector Medina.
Flash Animation: In-silico and In vivo chassis Amhed Vargas.
Figures of the photosensors and Light emitters Claudia.
Logo design Jorge Buendía, Jorge Zepeda and Héctor Medina.
T-shirt design Fernando Montaño and Héctor Medina.

Where we're from

The Republic

We hail from many places of the Mexican Republic, such as:

Mexico City

Puebla, Puebla

León, Guanajuato

Texcoco, Estado de México

Chimalhuacán, Estado de México

Tlalmanalco, Estado de México


Though we do not come from the same hometown, we are all attending the same University. That is the National Autonomous University of Mexico, Campus Morelos, in the city of Cuernavaca. Most of us met here when we entered the Genomic Sciences Program. As such, we are a tight bunch.

The above picture is the Main Entrance to the Lecture Halls. The hammock to the left is quite comfortable in hot days ;)


iGEM is the International Genetically Engineered Machines Competition, held each year at MIT and organized with support of the Parts Registry. See more here.

Synthetic Biology

This is defined as attempting to manipulate living objects as if they were man-made machines, specifically in terms of genetic engineering. See more here.


We are students on the Genomic Sciences program at the Center for Genomic Sciences of the National Autonomous University of Mexico, campus Morelos. See more here.

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