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BioMORTAR: 3-Part Genetic Design Suite

The 2010 Illinois iGEM Tools Team is constructing a program to design a plasmid in-silico for the user-specified host bacteria as well as model the growth of the designed cell.

The web-based program will begin by implementing the desired metabolic pathway computed by a greatly improved version of last year's project, IMPtools, then by determining the recommended enzymes for each reaction, and accessing the DNA sequence for it. In the meantime, the program will model the growth of the user specified bacteria with the new metabolic pathway to optimize the plasmid design. Finally, it will construct and display, with annotation, the advised plasmid(s) for the user as well as display important information on projected growth.

An additional function will be a program-based plasmid registry that not only allows for users to display, to others, what plasmids they hold in the lab, but it will also reference these stored plasmids to the other users looking to implement the generated plasmid design. In addition, it will have the option to adhere to the iGEM biobrick standards and will reference the biobrick database.

As a whole, the program will not only give the user the optimal plasmid design for the metabolic process, but it will project growth for the modified bacteria and connect the user with the other users storing the necessary plasmids.

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The UIUC iGEM team will be selling dip n' dots on the quad to raise money for lab equipment. Look for us on the quad on Wednesday, July 21!

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iGEM volleyball tournament on July 17, 2010. Proceeds go to the UIUC iGEM team, for supplies and travel expenses.

June 14, 2010 - Updated IMPtools- New improvements include a new network standard names for compounds instead of just KEGG IDs.

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