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Tsinghua University


Founded in 1911, Tsinghua University--one of China’s most famous universities--is situated in a former Qing Dynasty imperial garden surrounded by many historical sites in northwest Beijing. Tsinghua’s evolution over the past 98 years has been closely linked to China’s development. Tsinghua University today subscribes to the education ideal of comprehensive mastery of Chinese and foreign, classic and modern knowledge in the sciences and the humanities. This ideal is inspired by the mottos “Self-discipline and Social Commitment,” “Rigor, Diligence, Veracity, and Creativity,” “Actions Speak Louder Than Words,” and its core spirit “Patriotism, Devotion and Pursuing Excellence”.

Tsinghua University has produced more than 160,000 graduates, many of whom have become distinguished scholars and leaders in all walks of life. They have contributed significantly to China’s economic, social, cultural, educational and scientific development.

Tsinghua is an important center in China for nurturing talented students and promoting advanced scientific research. A comprehensive, research-oriented, and open university, Tsinghua has developed an integrated education platform in science, engineering, the humanities, and medicine.

Taking talent cultivation as its basic task, Tsinghua University has an accomplished faculty, a comprehensive program of interdiscipl inary studies, a conducive environment for teaching and research, and a broad range of cultural activities. All of these advantages provide its students a pleasant environment for their all-round development. Aiming at nurturing talented students with innovative spirit, Tsinghua has developed a complete system for undergraduate and postgraduate education and provides many off-campus high level training programs.

Tsinghua University is dedicated to the idea that scientific research should meet the strategic demands of the nation. The University is also committed to keeping its scientific research on the cutting edge of world scientific developments. It promotes both basic and applied research and has made significant achievements through independent innovation. The University stresses social service, the promotion of technology transfer, and economic aid for the development of provinces and regions throughout China.

One of the earliest Chinese universities to invite foreign teachers, Tsinghua University in recent years has established sound relations with many world-famous universities. More and more overseas scholars and students come to study and work at Tsinghua and many important international meetings are held here. The University also welcomes a number of renowned figures from various countries, including state and international organization heads, university presidents, Nobel Prize winners, and CEOs of multinational corporations.

In the new century, Tsinghua University will draw on its heritage of excellence and make full use of its comprehensive advantages to mold itself into a world- class university and contribute further to China’s modernization and prosperity.