Team:Tsinghua/Notebook/27 August 2010


Module I, group 2c

As too many negative clones grown on the control plate, which means that vector has not been toally digested. To solve the problem, we decide to use gel purification to get purier digested plasmid.

Digest plasmid PSB1C13 with XbaI and SpeI, AP is used to dephosphorylate the 5' end of digestion result.

digestion system

PSB1C13        8ul
FD Buffer      2ul
XbaI           1ul
SpeI           1ul
H2O            8ul

Incubate at 37°C.

12h afterwards, run a gel and cut the band conaining digested vector and purify it with kit.

Result: Somehow the concentration of purified product is too low for the following experiment.