Team:Tsinghua/Notebook/11 August 2010


Module I, group 2(b)

Pick out 6 colonies to amplify. After 10 hours, purify the plasmids. Use PCR to identify P+E+M (E do & M do primers) and P+K+C (K up & C do primers) with two control (P+E & P+C with each pair of primers shown upon).

PCR system (SuperMix):

 H2O	        8.5μl
 primer1	0.5μl
 primer2	0.5μl
 template	0.5μl
 SuperMix	10μl
 Total	        20μl

Run a gel. The order: P+E+M 1-6, P+E, Marker, P+K+C 1-6, P+C.



It seems that all the P+E+M are positive and the P+K+C are negative. We’ll ensure the result tomorrow.