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During the the last year your team not only thought about BioBricks and how to connect them. We also wanted to contribute to the iGEM community. To find more, take a look at the following sections. It will be worth it!

You are new to iGEM or are not familiar with creating a your own Wiki? We wrote a tutorial explaining both, how to create a wiki at the first place but also how to use without knowing all this computer stuff. This page make it easier for you to get started!
The field of biotechnology is often linked to controversial discussions. But what are the real risks and chances of biotechnology? Here, we discuss different ethical aspects about synthetic biology and our project in particular.
Munich is among a few cities that will have two participating iGEM teams. Of course we had to meet! Our meeting with the LMU Munich team gave us the chance to get to know each other and discuss your projects. Thank you LMU munich for this nice occasion!
Working with E. coli offers some surprises and unthought error sources. Check here for a smile :)
  • Attribution and Contributions
Christoph Klinger, who was part of the iGEM team until spring 2010 provided glycerol stock of cells transformed with BBa_J06702. All other work was done excusively by members of the TUM iGEM Team 2010.