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TU Delft iGEM Team for the Who Owns You Documentary

David Koepsel together with Taylor Roesch interviewed the iGEM TU Delft 2010 team for their new documentary "Who owns you" on DNA patenting. You can find more information on the film's website.

In this short movie we share our opinion about:

  • The iGEM philosophy
  • Gene patenting

Watch the movie sniplet:

About the movie: Who Owns You

Over the last 20 years, the United States Patent and Trademark Office has been issuing patents to universities and private companies on raw human genes. One company or university is given a legal monopoly over a molecule that is inside every human being and many other animals. This documentary explores the legal, ethical, and clinical ramifications of human gene patenting.

Watch the movie trailer:

If you can, please donate to the film at the Kickstarter page.