Team:TU Delft/Project/sensing/characterization



Characterization of the Sensing Parts

Characterized Strains


  • P(CaiF)-E0240: E.coli K12/331A
  • Negative control: E.coli K12 carrying J13002 on the empty plasmid pSB1A2.


We implemented the pCaiF promoter to enable a metabolic switch from glucose to hydrocarbons when glucose depletion takes place in the culture. We wanted to know how was the response of this part in E. coli, so we prepared an experiment in which different glucose concentrations were tested. We did that, because theoretically the glucose will be depleted at different culture times so we could check nicely the difference on GFP expression depending on the glucose depletion.

One 96-well plate was prepared with a sextuplicate of each strain: E. coli 331D (which contains BBa_K398331) and our negative control which was E. coli with J13002 in the plasmid pSB1A2. For that purpose we followed our standard protocol.

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