Team:TU Delft/Modeling/MFA/NO3


NO3 as electron acceptor

In oily environments oxygen diffuses more difficult into the water phase. The oxygen is used for the oxidative phosphorylation, regenerating NADH, and for the first step in the hydrocarbon degradation. To be more efficient with oxygen an additional electron acceptor was introduced.

In this scenario the oxidative phosphorylation was disabled and a replacement was implemented;

NO3- + NADH + 8 H+ -> NO2- + NAD+ + H+ + 4 Hex+ + H2O

This reaction uses NO3 as an electron acceptor to regenerate NADH and export protons to generate ATP. Less protons are exported per mol of NADH, so the ATP/NADH ratio will drop compared to oxygen. The goal of implementing this pathway however, is to see how much the oxygen requirement of E. coli can be reduced.

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