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Collaboration with iGEM Teams

In our vision iGEM is all about working together. Thanks to much work performed by others, the iGEM competition and the Registry exist. We shared all our plans, data and results right from the start. Once all projects descriptions were available, we contacted all teams with similar plans. So far this did not lead to concrete collaborations

Fortunately we could work together with the following three teams:

Freiburg10 Cuckoo Clock TU Delft.png

Freiburg Bioware

During the competition Freiburg Bioware had the cool idea to do a photo competition in which the winners could win a Cuckoo Clock. We send in a number of our cool & funny photo's and are happy we could help them.


This year Team Groningen traveled all the way to Delft to come and visit one of our professors working in their field of interest. Of course we seized the opportunity to meet up and make plans for cooperation.


A survey was conducted among iGEM Teams by the Team Sheffield. The interviews focused on the roles and identities of synthetic biologists. Since iGEM has grown to such a big community, we think the outcome of this research will be interesting and really significant. We were happy to help!

Wiki development

A lot of teams have used our source code and included it in their wiki’s. Apparently our code pleases these teams and emphasizes the high quality and its perfect working. We shared code sniplets that can be reused by other teams on our Wiki Tips & Tricks page.

Our code can be found in the source of the wikis of:

  • Groningen
  • Tec-Monterrey
  • St Andrews
  • Brown
  • Cambridge
  • Gothenburg
  • KIT-Kyoto
  • Northwestern
  • SDU-Denmark